We make parking easy for drivers while also helping parking owners manage their assets more effectively.

Our Mission

Improving our community with simple, practical innovations that simplify our lives and respect the environment.


The nasty truth is more than a third of air pollution and congestion in our city is caused by drivers in pursuit of a coveted parking spot.

Connecting the Shared Economy to the Parking Industry

Hawaii can be paradise, but it’s also a parking nightmare. With an average cost of $42 per day to park, Honolulu has the most expensive daily parking in the United States. In busy times, roughly a third of moving cars are no longer in transit - they’re simply “cruising,” looking for a place to park. Our research shows that 50 – 80 percent of available parking spots at local businesses and parking lots remain empty, even during peak hours in some cases. This is where we come in. Surprisingly, we found that the challenges facing the parking industry have nothing to do with the availability of spaces, but rather the difficulty in finding them.

Our technology shows a birds-eye-view of all the available parking in the area. Drivers can compare prices, search and pay for a spot right from their phone. From driveways and retail shops to parking garages and valet lots, we’re unlocking thousands of open spaces across the island. So, go ahead, book a spot when you want, where you want, for however long you need!