About Us
Unparalleled Parking

Hawaii can be paradise, but it’s also a parking nightmare. With an average cost of $42 per day to park, Honolulu takes the #1 spot for the single most expensive daily parking rates in the United States. In response, drivers are spending on average 20 minutes per trip, circling the block looking for a place to park. In fact, 1 in 3 drivers we see in Honolulu have already reached their destination – they just need a place to park.


Surprisingly, we found the challenges facing the parking industry had nothing to do with the availability of spaces, but rather the difficulty in finding them.

So we created an app where drivers could find parking anywhere on the island, compare prices, and save up to 60%. From driveways and retail shops to parking garages and valet lots, we’re unlocking thousands of open spaces across the island. So go ahead, book a spot when you want, where you want, for however long you need!


Our dedication is in our delivery – helping you get to the things in life that matter most.

Although what we’re about, isn’t finding a parking spot for today. PARK LINQ is about something more than that. At our core, we believe in simple, practical innovations, that make life better and this world healthier.

We thought - what if there was a way we could generate new income for a community? Save money for consumers - help merchants grow their business - even clean up the economy and ecology of a city. Well the answer’s the same for all of these – it’s the foundation of connecting people.