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Payments for basic parking can be made through our website or mobile app without the need to create an account or download the app. Just scan the QR code on the PARKLINQ sign using your phone's camera, tap the pop-up banner, and follow the prompts. If you encounter issues scanning the QR code, you can text the zone number to 42222 or visit parklinq.com and enter the zone number.

For those without smartphones, support is available by calling (808) 517-5017. To expedite the process, please have your license plate number and credit card ready for payment.

To update your license plate information, simply click on the "Edit" button next to your license plate on the receipt. If you have a PARKLINQ account, you can also access the "My License Plate" section from the menu to edit your license plate details.

PARKLINQ provides a variety of parking options including hourly parking (in 15-minute increments), variable rates (discounted rates for multiple hours), daily parking (24-hour access), flat-rate (fixed price for a specific time), monthly subscriptions (automatic payment for long-term parkers), and annual passes (protection against rate increases).

For on-the-spot parking, simply park and pay upon arrival by opening your camera app, scanning the QR code on the PARKLINQ sign, and tapping the pop-up banner to see the current parking rates.

For advance booking, click here to view the current pricing and availability on a map.

Yes, by simply presenting their driver's license in front of their phone camera, Hawaii residents can effortlessly obtain preferential rates or free parking for a specified duration, while non-resident visitors are charged the standard rate.

Presently, the Rates for Residents™ program is available at two Hawaii-based locations, including zone 302 on the Big Island and zone 22 on Maui.

To register, residents must possess a valid Hawaii driver’s license. Although registration is a one-time process, activating a new session during each visit is mandatory.

  1. Proceed to any paid parking sign in the parking lot and look for the Hawaii Resident section. Scan the QR code or text the zone # to our 5-digit phone number, 42222.

  2. The system will respond with a text message including a link to verify Hawaii residency using a valid Hawaii driver’s license.

  3. Residents will receive an alert 15 minutes prior to the expiration of their allotted time period, giving them the option to extend their stay by paying the standard visitor parking rate for every additional 15-minute interval.

Once registered with Rates for Residents™ at any location, the system will recognize the associated phone number at all other PARKLINQ® locations throughout the state.

To start a new parking session, text the parking lot's zone number to 42222, confirm the license plate, and the system will automatically begin a free session, recognizing the registered phone number.

  • Presently, the Rates for Residents™ program is available at two Hawaii-based locations, including zone 302 on the Big Island and zone 22 on Maui.

PARKLINQ uses license plate numbers to keep track of which vehicles have registered and paid for parking. Once payment is made, the information is made available to parking attendants or enforcement officers on-site. Using a handheld device, attendants can quickly look up your zone number and license plate number to confirm that you have paid and registered for parking. This ensures a hassle-free experience and provides peace of mind for both drivers and parking operators.

PARKLINQ typically collects minimal information for most paid parking, including your license plate number (for enforcement), phone number, or email (to provide a receipt and reminder before expiration) and a payment method (like a credit card or Apple Pay®).

However, two of our products, Rates for Residents™ and Required Documents, require verification to reserve a parking spot. These programs verify users' identity to prevent fraud and provide hassle-free service for legitimate customers.

Rates for Residents™ offer preferential parking rates for locals with a valid Hawaii driver's license, while Required Documents streamline identity and insurance verification for long-term parkers during onboarding and meet crucial compliance requirements for property owners' insurance.

At PARKLINQ, safeguarding personal information is a top priority. Our state-wide infrastructure handling millions of dollars in payments annually has enabled us to develop expertise in this area. We have implemented various measures to ensure that your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is secure from unauthorized access, alteration, loss, and disclosure. Our system transfers verification data through encrypted TLS connections and uses AES-256 encryption at rest. All data you provide is stored on our secure servers behind firewalls. In addition, any payment transactions and related information are encrypted using SSL technology. Our Privacy Policy explains in detail how we collect, use, retain, disclose, and safeguard personal data provided to us.

You may have different access hours and in-and-out privileges depending on the location. It's recommended to review the parking stall details page or refer to the customized FAQ provided by property managers for monthly programs. In case of any queries, feel free to contact customer support at (808) 517-5017.

You have the option to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund if you do so up to 5 minutes before the reservation start time. You can cancel your booking either by calling customer support or through your parking receipt.

Your parking receipt from booking with PARKLINQ can be found in two locations if you used the website: the text message received after booking or by logging into parklinq.com and selecting the "Receipts" tab. For those who used the mobile app, the receipt can be found in the "Receipts" tab of the app.

PARKLINQ sends you a text message alert 15 minutes before your parking reservation expires, allowing you to easily extend the time using your phone. Keep in mind that parking outside of the time period specified in your reservation may result in additional fees ranging from $29 to $79, and repeated offenses could result in towing of your vehicle.

Access hours and in-and-out privileges may vary depending on the location. To ensure you have the correct information, please refer to the parking stall details page or the customized FAQ provided by property managers for monthly programs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer support at (808) 517-5017.

Our proprietary enforcement portal, along with 24/7 video monitoring, enables our parking enforcers to check license plates and enforce parking rules. Through our enforcement portal, we can leave warning notes, issue parking tickets, and even tow vehicles if necessary, with an average response time of less than 20 minutes. This ensures effective enforcement, equivalent to having someone on-site without requiring someone to be there 24/7.

PARKLINQ operates on a revenue share model with no upfront costs. There is no need for hardware or machines as our system is based on software and signage. Your parking lot doesn't require power or internet for payment collection or enforcement. Our revenue share model is in your favor, operating on a 70/30 split, and our incentives are aligned with yours to maximize earnings. We only earn when you do.

PARKLINQ operates in Hawaii and has over 350,000 satisfied customers and partners in the state's residential and commercial real estate sectors. It is currently available on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

PARKLINQ offers free installation and setup and is Hawaii's most advanced parking operator, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Its revenue-sharing model ensures incentives are aligned to maximize revenue while maintaining a positive visitor experience. PARKLINQ understands that the visitor experience starts at the parking lot.

PARKLINQ manages parking operations in a cashless and gateless environment. The system is self-contained and can be set up in minutes without power or Wi-Fi. The digital dashboard provides real-time revenue and occupancy information, and the surveillance system ensures safety and security.

PARKLINQ's patent-pending multi-tiered rate system is the first of its kind and uses the driver's smartphone to differentiate between Hawaii residents and out-of-state visitors, providing varied pricing options without additional hardware.

These tech-enabled solutions can save agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars in implementation costs compared to legacy operators. Contact PARKLINQ today to learn more about collaboration opportunities.