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It's simple, we take the headache out of finding somewhere to park. Our service works on computers, iPhones and Androids alike, allowing you to easily find & reserve parking at up to 50% off.

Launch our mobile app or website to get a birds-eye-view of all the available parking nearby. Payments and reservations are done through the site so go ahead, book a spot when you want, where you want, for however long you need!

Yes! We guarantee you will have a spot to park at the rate you selected. While Parklinq does not physically hold each spot until you arrive, we closely track inventory to prevent overbookking. If for any reason you arrive to find your parking space unavailable then give us a call. We're here to assist you 24 hours a day.

The short answer is your able to park for longer at no extra cost. The extra time is a bonus so kick back and enjoy!

Just adjust the destination and time-frame in the search bar to find parking at local events.

Yes, on the search page, click the option for "Oversized Vehicles - Bus/Van"

All kinds! From private driveways and surface lots to commercial garages and businesses. Take it a step further and filter spots from handicap, EV charging, valet, and gated security with one click.

Absolutely however regardless of size, standard rates apply - but standard fun? I think not!

Buses, vans, and shuttles that would not fit in a traditional parking space.

Absolutely! As long as the reservation isn't finalized then you can always modify your start and end times. If you already bought the spot you can cancel your reservation and rebook a new reservation with the times you'd like, given you're not within 5 minutes of the reservation start time - see cancellation policy for more details.

No problem, we're happy to answer any questions or walk you through the booking process over the phone if you'd like.

If you signed in with Facebook or Google, then a password is not required. If you signed up with an email address, then a password will be required.

Nope, the price you see is the price you pay. As long as you're parking within the time frame of your reservation then you will not incur any additional fees.

Yes! Look for the handicap icon in the amenities section. Any location that displays that icon offers handicap-accessible parking

Absolutely! Just adjust the time-frame on the search page with the dates and times that fit your plans

Just about every kind! We work with a handful of businesses and residents that offer their private spots plus commercial garages and open surface lots operated by professional parking companies.

Your discount code may have an expiration date. If your coupon is not expired and you are logged in properly and the coupon code is still not working, call or email customer support for assistance.

We guarantee you'll have a spot to park at the rate you selected when you reserve through Parklinq. While we don't physically hold a certain spot open for each reservation, our parking database holds inventory to prevent overbooking. In the rare occasion there is an issue, please call customer support at 808-753-5233. We're here to help!

You're welcome to cancel your reservation for a full refund up to 5 minutes prior to the reservation start time.

You can cancel the booking in your dashboard or call customer support.

On the search page, the app will show you the estimated walking time from your parking spot to your destination.

You would never be blocked in however certain buildings have access hours. This is listed under "Important Spot Information" on the spot details page

Yes indeed! Include your friend's vehicle information when making the reservation and then send the parking pass to your friend in a text or email.

You can edit this in your profile under the user settings.

If you booked parking through the Parklinq mobile app, you will find your receipt under the 'Receipts' tab of the app.

If you booked parking through the Parklinq website, you will find your receipt in two places:

  • Under the "Reservations" tab on the Driver Dashboard 
  • The text message that you will receive after booking your parking.  

Check that you have the email address correctly entered. If so, then your spam filter may be preventing the email from reaching the proper inbox, please check your settings. To further resolve the issue please call our customer support department.

If your'spot is available for a longer period of time you may purchase a new parking pass to extend your time-frame.

Please remember - any time parked outside the period listed on your reservation may result in an additional fee of $35 and the possibility of having your vehicle ticketed or towed.

When you book a spot the information is sent via text and email in the form of a digital parking pass. Your parking pass has a directions button to open GPS with turn by turn directions to your parking spot. If you're still having trouble please try manually entering the address into your GPS. If that doesn't work, please contact us 24/7.

No, any time you arrive within your reservation time is perfectly fine.

The short answer is yes, we send you a digital parking pass through text and email. However, some parking providers require a printed pass - this will be under "Important Spot Information" in the spot details.

Your digital and printed parking pass is all the proof you'll ever need.

No. We know things change, and so does your parking situation.

No, parking passes are only valid for the location, date, and time of your exact reservation.

Most parking providers are set up for 24 hour access, however you should always check the Important Spot Information section on the spot details page.

Sign into your Parklinq account. From the Host Dashboard select the "Manage Spaces" tab on the drop down menu, select the space in question, and modify the relevant information.

Please click the menu tab on your user dashboard and select profile, from here you can modify your general contact information. If you want to change information about your parking space, then please modify the spot details under the Manage Spaces tab. 

Absolutely nothing! Listing your space is always free with us. You'll keep 80% of your listed price. Example: $100 monthly listing = an $80 payout to you.

No. Make your spot available from 9-5, 24/7 or just on weekends. Set different prices for hourly, daily, and monthly parking. You're in control.

When it comes to parking, we've got you covered! So give us a call with your spot details and we'll see what we can do to help.

Should the renter come early you may either provide them a great generosity and let them park at your discretion, or you may ask them to make an additional reservation or modification for the additional time. If the renter stays past the end time of their reservation, including the 15 minute grace period, you may call customer service.

We ask that you post clear and concise instructions when listing your spot, along with a picture to prevent such incidences. However, if the renter has parked in the wrong spot then please access their contact information under your owner dashboard and bookings section. If you have any trouble please give us a call and we'll help resolve the issue. 

It depends. If your parking spot requires a FOB key or your presence to access the space, then you need to meet the driver. Otherwise, it is not necessary. If you request further clarification on this question, please contact us.

If you received a booking confirmation and were not contacted about cancellation or a modification to the reservation, please treat your spot as though the renter has arrived. In other words, they paid to use your spot during the reservation window and retain the rights to your spot during that time. If you need any further help we're only a phone call away!

Drivers receive a reminder 15 minutes prior to the end of their reservation. If your spot is available for longer than the reserved time, the driver can extend their reservation to pay for the additional time. If your parking isn't available outside of the existing reservation, then you have the option to have their vehicle towed.

Additional Questions?