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Frequently asked questions


Absolutely! Just adjust the time-frame on the map page with the dates and times that fit your plans.

You're welcome to cancel your reservation for a full refund up to 5 minutes prior to the reservation start time. You can cancel the booking on your parking receipt or call customer support.

In order to edit your license plate after making a reservation, you must create an account prior to booking. You can then edit your license plate in your profile under the user settings.

If you booked parking through the Parklinq website, you will find your receipt in two places:

  • The text message that you will receive after booking your parking. 
  • Log in at parklinq.com. Then select the "Receipts" tab on the menu.


If you booked parking through the Parklinq mobile app, you will find your receipt under the 'Receipts' tab of the app.


NO.  PARKLINQ uses their patent-pending process and pays a fee for each ID verified. The ID is only viewed by a protected scan and is simply to verify that the guest is a state of Hawaii resident eligible for free or discounted parking.

Yes.  We use bank-grade infrastructure to help keep verification data safe. Our system transfers verification data via TLS encrypted connections and uses AES-256 encryption at rest. To prevent unauthorized access or use of verification data, we’ve implemented additional access controls to protect your confidential and sensitive information.

Learn more about the safeguards we've put in place to protect your privacy. Parklinq

15 minutes before your parking expires, PARKLINQ sends you an alert via text message so you can easily extend time right from your phone. Please remember that any time parked outside the period listed on your reservation may result in an additional fee of $9 and the possibility of having your vehicle ticketed or towed.

Most locations are set up for 24/7 access, with in-and-out privileges, however you should always check the parking stall details page.

There’s no need to create an account or download the app to pay for parking. Just open your camera app and point your phone at the PARKLINQ sign. Then tap the pop-up banner.


No QR-scanner?

Text the 3-digit zone to (888) 488-1828


No smartphone?

Call support at (808) 517-5017

Click here to get current pricing and a birds-eye view of available parking stalls. Pay for a guaranteed spot in advance and GPS to it when you’re ready. Whether you're looking for a spot now or reserving for later, PARKLINQ has you covered.

Once you have paid for parking, PARKLINQ will record the license plate in our system and make it visible to the enforcement officers on site. Enforcement officers will use a handheld device to look up your zone number and license plate number to confirm that you have paid for parking. That is why it is always important to verify your license plate before you pay for parking.

Most locations are set up for 24/7 access, with in-and-out privileges, however you should always check the parking stall details page.

We aim to increase parking capacity across the state while partnering with small businesses, parking lot operators, resort properties, tourist attractions, municipalities, schools, and private real estate owners to offer a variety of parking spaces.

We employ parking enforcers that have access to our proprietary enforcement portal (PARKLINQ Five-0®) with 24/7 video monitoring to check license plates. With PARKLINQ Five-0®, we leave warning notes, parking tickets, and remove vehicles with an average response time of less than 20 minutes, so it’s equivalent to having someone on-site, but not requiring someone to be there 24/7.

There are no upfront costs—our system is built off software and signage, rather than hardware and machines. There’s no maintenance or downtime—plus, your parking lot doesn’t need power or internet for enforcement or payment collection. PARKLINQ operates on a 70/30 revenue share model, in your favor—meaning our incentives are aligned to maximize earnings, and we only make money when you do.

With over 35,000 satisfied customers and partners in Hawaii, PARKLINQ is proud to work with some of the largest organizations in Hawaii’s residential and commercial real estate sectors. Here are some of our partners you may have heard of; The Maui Ocean Center, Holiday Inn Waikiki, Aqua Aston Hotels, JL Capital, and The Pacific Whale Foundation.

PARKLINQ offers free install and setup, and is the most technologically advanced parking operator in Hawaii. Our revenue share model aligns all of our incentives to increase your revenue, but we also want to make sure it doesn’t detract from the ambience or experience. PARKLINQ understands the visitor experience starts from the moment visitors enter your parking lot. 

Learn how we can work with you today.