About Parklinq

PARKLINQ’s mission is to transition Hawaii to affordable, no-hassle, touchless parking.

PARKLINQ launched in 2020 out of a common frustration in Honolulu: finding parking.

Out of time to circle the streets, founder Tyler Saenz parked in an empty driveway and struck a deal with the owner to rent the spot. That sparked Tyler’s idea to help other frustrated drivers reserve unused parking spots and PARKLINQ was born.

What we do

PARKLINQ exists to make parking more affordable, more convenient, and more sustainable. It started with one simple, but brilliant, idea—connect people with unused driveways, garages, and parking spaces.

We aim to increase parking capacity across the state while partnering with small businesses, parking lot operators, homeowners, municipalities, schools, and private real estate owners to offer a variety of parking spaces to book with just the touch of a button.

The tech

Parking in Hawaii lags behind in technology.

Who wants to be standing at a parking meter in the rain, waiting for their credit card to process, running back to the car to place a paper slip on the dashboard? Not us!

Say hello to convenient parking with the PARKLINQ parking app. No more meter hunting, parking tickets, or towing worries.

This is how parking should be.

As a locally owned and operated company, PARKLINQ is committed to not only enhancing our customers’ lives but preserving Hawaii’s natural beauty through a culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Click here to learn more about our commitment to smart parking for a healthy climate.

Exec team
Tyler Saenz
Product Architect & CEO

As founder, Tyler is responsible for the overall vision and strategic direction of PARKLINQ. When he is not working to solve Hawaii’s parking problems, you can find him jumping out of airplanes, diving with sharks, or snapping nature photographs.

Wes Wendler
Executive VP of Sales & CMO

As partner, Wes oversees sales and marketing operations at PARKLINQ. Wes settled in Hawaii after 10 years of sailing the world in schooners and catamarans. He spends his spare time enjoying the outdoors with his wife and kids and loves to bodyboard the surf of Oahu.