Business Owners
& Property Managers

ParklinQ enables local businesses to increase revenue and drive traffic by supplying much needed parking in Honolulu. Create an income stream using a resource your business already has.

of Park Sharing for business
Simplicity & Security

We work with your existing
parking process to maintain
your operations.

Increase revenue

Reach ParklinQ’s audience of
drivers searching for parking
every day in Hawaii.

Stop gridlock & pollution

More than 1/3 of the traffic in
Honolulu is caused by drivers
circling the block for parking.

Sample Earnings
For Parking Providers
Retail shop/Restaurant

Daily & monthly parking
10 available spaces

$40K+ / year
Church/Community Center

Daily & monthly parking
30 available spaces

$135K+ / year
Residential Garage

Monthly parking
22 available spaces

$35K+ / year
Home Owners
& Single Spot Providers

ParklinQ empowers anyone with an empty parking space to earn a 2nd income by renting it out. Start earning extra cash with the empty space in front of your place!

of Park Sharing
Simple & Secure

Know who’s parked in your
spot and what you’ve earned
right from your online dashboard.

Control Availability

Flexible listing. From hourly to
24/7, rent your space hassle
free with no commitments.

Free Listing

No cost to sign up and no fees to
pay EVER.

Sample Earnings
For Spot Providers
Waikiki/Downtown Condo

Daily & monthly parking
1 available space

$4,000+ / year
Kakaako Townhome

Daily & monthly parking
2 available spaces

$6,500+ / year
Driveway near UH Manoa

Daily & monthly parking
4 available spaces

$8,000+ / year